10 Interesting Facts About James Garfield

10. Garfield was a southpaw

Garfield was the first left handed president. He was also the first ambidextrous president. It is said you could ask him a question in English and he could simultaneously write the answer in Greek with one hand and in Latin with the other.

9. Garfield was the last of the log cabin presidents

Garfield was the last of seven presidents who were born in a log cabin.

8. Garfield’s mother was a first

President Garfield’s mother was the first president’s mother to attend her son’s inauguration.

7. One of three presidents in 1881

Only two times in American history have there been three presidents in the same year. The first time was in 1841. The second was in 1881 when Rutherford Hayes relinquished the office to Garfield. When Garfield died later that year, Chester Arthur became president. Continue reading “10 Interesting Facts About James Garfield”