Rare Lincoln Photo Found in Grant Album

What may be the last photo to be taken of Abraham Lincoln before his death has surfaced in an a photo album of Ulysses S. Grant. Ulysses S. Grant VI, President Grant’s great-great-grandson, was recently looking at a White House photo in the album and noticed a tall man in the distance. He contacted a Lincoln photography collector who examined the photo and identified the figure as Lincoln. Upon removal of the photo from the album, a handwritten description was discovered on the back: “Lincoln in front of the White House.” Also on the back was the date 1865 and the photographer’s seal.

There are only around 130 known photographs of Abraham Lincoln making any photo of him rare, but this photo would be the only known photo of Lincoln in front of the White House. Based on the photographer’s seal and other known information, it is estimated the picture was taken in March of 1865. Since Lincoln was assassinated in April 1865, it may very well be the last photo taken of him before his death.

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  1. hi i have found (in my attic) a glass slide about 3\”x4\” of the second swearing in of abraham lincoln having looked on the internet there appeares that there is only one known photo of him doing a speach .having taken a closer look at the slide it appears there is now two photos of him because its taken from a different angle and with spectators in diffrent places i am intreged if you can shed any light on this it could be rare i live in the uk

  2. The President is seated in the photo, waiting for the Vice President to be sworn in. It is a rare look at the President. He looks tired and his hair and beard
    is close cut.

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