10 Interesting Facts About Rutherford Hayes

10. First presidential telephone

President Hayes was the first president to use a telephone while in office. It was installed in the White House in 1879 by none other than Alexander Graham Bell.

9. Multiple Civil War wounds

Hayes was one of five presidents who served in the Civil War, but he was the only one to be wounded in the war. He was wounded on four occasions and had four horses shot from under him.

8. Not in the White House

Hayes’ wife Lucy banned dancing, smoking, alcohol and card playing from the White House. Lucy came to be known as “Lemonade Lucy” for her decision to not serve any alcohol.

7. Hayes started a White House tradition

Hayes and his wife conducted the very first Easter egg roll on the White House lawn. It began a tradition that continues today on the Monday after Easter. Continue reading “10 Interesting Facts About Rutherford Hayes”

10 Interesting Facts About Ulysses S. Grant

10. Grant narrowly missed Lincoln’s assassination

Grant had been invited to go to Ford theater with President Lincoln but he and his wife Julia decided to travel to New Jersey to visit their children instead. Had he attended, he may have been a target as well.

9. Both of Grant’s parents witnessed his presidency

It may not seem like a big deal today, but Ulysses Grant was the first president to have both his parents living as he entered office.

8. Grant couldn’t stand the sight of blood

Although he witnessed some of the bloodiest battles in history, Grant could not stand the sight of blood. Rare steak nauseated him and he was known to cook his meat to the point of charring.

7. Grant graduated from West Point

Grant was one of only three presidents to graduate from a military academy. He graduated from West Point in 1843. Continue reading “10 Interesting Facts About Ulysses S. Grant”

10 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

10. Lincoln has no heirs

Although Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln produced four sons, there are no living descendants today. Three of their sons died before the age of twenty. Edward died at the age of four, Willie at twelve and Tad at the age of eighteen. Robert was the only child to live to adulthood and his last known descendant died in 1985.

9. Lincoln’s son was saved by his assassin’s brother

Shortly before his father was assassinated, Robert Lincoln was at at train station where he fell between the platform and the train as the train began to move. He was pulled to safety by a prominent actor of the time named Edwin Booth. Edwin was the brother of John Wilkes Booth, who would later assassinate President Lincoln.

8. Lincoln fought in the Civil War…sort of

Lincoln felt as the leader of the nation’s military, the president should be fighting in the Civil War but obviously couldn’t because of his duties. When J. Summerfield Staples heard this, he volunteered to fight as a substitute for Lincoln. Staples was the son of an Army chaplain and both he and his father fought in and survived the war.

7. Lincoln’s beard was historic

Lincoln was the first president to sport a beard while serving in office. Continue reading “10 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln”