10 Interesting Facts About William McKinley

10. First in an automobile

McKinley was the first president to ride in an automobile while in office. After he was shot, he was transported to the hospital in an electric ambulance.

9. McKinley showed compassion for his assassin

After Leon Frank Czolgosz shot McKinley, the crowd subdued him and began to beat him severely. The wounded McKinley shouted “Boys! Don’t let them hurt him!”

8. Telephone campaign

McKinley was the first president to use a telephone to campaign.

7. Presidential war buddies

During the Civil War, McKinley’s commanding officer was Rutherford B. Hayes, who also became President of the United States.

6. Not in my house

McKinley’s wife, Ida, disliked the color yellow so much she had all things yellow removed from the White House, including the yellow flowers in the garden.

5. A smooth face

McKinley was the only president between  Andrew Johnson and Woodrow Wilson to be clean shaven.

4. McKinley the $500 man

McKinley’s portrait was featured on the $500 bill, last printed in 1934.

3. Yankee Doodle bird

McKinley had a parrot named “Washington Post” who could whistle to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

2. First inauguration on film

McKinley’s inauguration was the first presidential inauguration to be filmed.

1. A strange twist of fate

McKinley loved carnations and wore them as a good luck charm. While attending the Pan-American Exposition on September 6, 1901, he greeted a line of people. McKinley pulled his famous red carnation from his lapel and gave it to a little girl waiting in line. Seconds later, he was struck by an assassin’s bullet. McKinley died eight days later.

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  1. I included this in my book about our family – even though I found no evidence that we are related to the Pres. McKinleys but rather the Dr. John McKinleys of Cleveland, OH

  2. I just finished reading “The Man Who Shot McKinley” by Wesley Johns. Pres. Mck. died from gangrene of the stomach and kidney from the bullet wound. Those picked for jury duty already had made up their minds. The jury made its decision in 15 minutes although didn’t go back for an hour. The defense didn’t put on a case because no one wanted to bring up the fact that he might be mentally ill. After the execution the same medical examiner who examined the remains of Pres. Garfield (also killed by a madman) said he was, indeed, mentally ill. Interesting piece of trivia: sulfuric acid was dropped into the casket of the assasin so the corpse would disintegrate within 12 hours. Gross.

  3. Wow this is good stuff thanks to you i got an A+ in my social studies project and my teacher assigned me to use the snapple cap to look this up for another project thank you guys so so so much 🙂

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